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A lot of us, especially women, spend considerable time and money on beauty and skincare. When you head out to a supermarket your favourite general store, you’ll find paraphernalia of products. Choosing the right product for your skin type is a goal that a lot of women strive to attain. In my years of college, every corner of my hostel would have someone taking joy in finding the perfect face scrub for acne, or the perfect hair mask for dandruff. There were also the perfect anti-hair fall shampoos and de-tanning face masks.

From teenage, I had extremely sensitive skin, prone to acne. When a whole bunch of store-bought beauty products and dermatologist prescribed medical products failed, I decided to give a shot to some Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tricks my mom suggested. Now, I won’t say it was an overnight wonder that changed my skin. I experimented a lot before I figured out what was right for my skin.

The truth is, while the store-bought products tend to be effective and easy, they can be expensive for some people. Further, they tend to be broad category product, made to suit “most skin types”. Skincare, however, is something that’s most effective when customized for your skin. DIY products often seem to be complex, because of the variety of ingredients it involves and the time and effort. However, they can be customized to your exact skincare needs, which is why they are usually a lot more rewarding than any store-bought products.

With the Do-It-Yourself skincare series, I will bring weekly articles focusing on DIY products for your skincare regime. From face scrubs and face masks to hair masks and home spa treatments, this series will cover all your major skincare requirements. For any specific requests or demands, you can drop a comment! The DIY products in this series will be based on personal experience only, either of my own or others I have interacted with. So you can be sure of getting tricks that have actually worked.

One thing to remember is that not all DIY and homemade products suit everyone. So when you’re choosing the product to opt for, try to check for allergies. In case of any burning or reaction, you should wash off the product. Skincare is an experiment, a quest to find the perfect match.

So let’s get this quest started, yeah?

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